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What quarantine has taught me. The pleasure of staying at home!

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

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When the quarantine was announced and we have been asked to stay at home, many of us were not happy.

For me, the first week was tough. It was tough because, before this quarantine, each of the family members had his own routine and they fitted each other’s perfectly. With the quarantine everything changed, literally overnight. Staying together 24h in the weekend is different to staying together during the week, every single weekday.

But now, after several weeks in this situation, I can ask myself: what did this teach me?

1. The value of time

Before this isolation we had no time to linger to see little things changing around us. We did not have time to see time itself was passing by. We were always in a rush. Now we do value our time more, both as a couple and as a family.

2. The beauty around us

Having a little one, teaching and showing him the world, allows you to notice many details that you would normally take for granted. Thanks to him, for example, we saw bare trees becoming green day after day, almost managing to perceive a tiny change every day. The same happened with flowers, or with clouds changing shape in the sky. How many times, before the quarantine, did you stop to look at the fact that the sky above you was not a fixed background, but something ever changing? How often did you see nature around you changing continuously (rather than saying, all of a sudden, “Oh, where do all these leaves come from? The last time I looked at the tree it was bare”)?

We also learnt to do things we would not normally do, like having a walk in the rain. All this happened thanks to our kid, because for him every single day is beautiful and is worth to be discovered in every detail, regardless of the weather.

3. Acceptance and respect

We learnt to accept, respect and appreciate the presence of other members of the family in our own space. In the end, this is what staying together 24/7 means.

4. The importance of self-planning

When we are out all day to work, our routine is directly or indirectly decided by someone or something else. Working from home gives us less pinpoints, we are responsible for organising the agenda and, why not, to embed some family time during our working hours.

Planning our day in advance, and respect the plan, is crucial to coordinate everything.

5. The quality of eating

How many times did you eat a sandwich while working at your desk? And, how many times you did not do that now that you are at home? Of course, now we have more time and our kitchen at hand, but one other reason is that we have to teach our little ones to eat healthy. How they say: leading by example.

And then, how cool is it to be a super chef and surprise our husbands/sons with the most complex recipes?

I know that not everybody has the same quarantine experience. Out there, there are people suffering due to various reasons: precarious financial situation, depression, loneliness, violence.. For them this quarantine was only another problem and there was nothing good to discover. If we know anybody in this situation we should try to help and stay close.

Sometimes connecting with others helps a lot.

Also, I heard and read many times that this quarantine will change us as well as our way to act and see the world. People really think that we will be more responsible and sympathetic in the future. Frankly I rather think that these good intensions depend on the strong feeling we are having, easy by easy life will take its normal course and people will return to their old habits.

Old habits die hard!


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