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Simple rules to make your baby sleep well – Good sleep basics!

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In this article I will summarize some simple rules that will help your baby sleep well.

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10 important rules that will help your baby sleep well:

1. Keep your baby well rested: make him sleep as much as he needs. Don’t get him overtired!

2. Make sure your baby is not hungry;

3. Don’t wake up the baby to feed him, unless advised otherwise by the doctor/paediatrician;

4. Respect the 90 minutes rule: 90 minutes is the max time the baby should stay awake. It is calculated from the time he wakes up until the time he will be sleeping again;

5. No light at night: keep a soft light in the room to lit it when needed;

6. If your child finds it difficult to fall asleep for the night time sleep:

  • eliminate all the activities that could get your baby’s adrenaline up;

  • try with a warm bath before the night sleep;

  • anticipate his night sleep by 30 min or 1 h;

7. Use a sleeping bag during the cold season so that your baby can keep the temperature stable during his sleep;

8. Don’t overcover your baby, dress him properly;

9. Don’t overheat his room; the room temperature should be between 20-22°C;

10. Establish and maintain a routine: babies love routines and predictability. Routine will help your child develop his body clock and sleep better.

Remember, the more your child feels rested during the day the better he will sleep in the night! During the first months of their life, babies don’t need to play, they don’t need adrenaline. They rather need to sleep and to eat.

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