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Pregnancy: Expectations vs Reality

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

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There is a time when we, the women, start wishing for a baby. The clock starts ticking and we start thinking only about this and seeing only pregnant women around us. In such a period, we have a very rich imagination and we dream with open eyes... wide open!

What did I imagine and how does real life look like? Let’s start from the beginning:

Pregnancy test reaction

If you read the article about my pregnancy then you already know it took me a while to get pregnant. You can imagine that I was extremely willing to see those 2 red lines on the pregnancy test and I dreamed with open eyes often. Many of us imagine reacting at the positive test exactly as in movies.

In reality, I expected every single month to get a positive test. When I saw it I just felt a pit in the stomach and asked myself: and now what?!

First scan

I felt nervous just thinking on how it would be, what I was going to see, would my hands be shaking or would tears flow down my cheeks!?

In reality, of course I was overwhelmed! I looked forward to finally seeing my baby, I asked the doctor to show me where the baby was on that black and white screen and when he did that… I just saw a small green bean. Oh yes, my green bean!

Pregnancy symptoms

I had read many things (thanks God there is google!) about symptoms, nausea, cravings etc. and seen many pictures of pregnant women! Oh wow, I just looked forward to live all those things. Inside me, as I had no symptoms during the first 8 weeks of pregnancy, I wished I had some of them... just to feel a bit pregnant!

The reality was cruel . When I was 8 weeks pregnant 🤰, when I less expected it, I started having morning sickness 🤢, throwing up even my liver. Then I developed a strong smell sensitivity 👃 and sometimes was unable to have a short shower. Vinegar and pickles were my best friends. At that point I just wished these symptoms to disappear as soon as possible, if possible in that very second!


I imagined myself eating for 2 but staying fit. Super fit! Wait, of course I thought that a pregnant woman should not eat for 2. Not at all!

In reality I was carving! I started eating a lot and this is not something you can stop. I ate twice as much as before at breakfast, many snacks (a snack is just a bite, isn’t it?!), lunch, dinner, desserts. I always had something to eat with me!

Labor and birth

Thanks to Youtube, nowadays women really “know” what live labor and birth look like 😉. All the moms are so happy during labor, they look awesome after giving birth and the babies look beautiful too! The labor does not seem that painful, actually it seems that everybody is acting 😊.

In reality, giving birth is painful. It hurts so much! Technically the pain is tolerable otherwise there would be no baby born on this world. Then, when the baby is coming out... it is a “thing”! You start praying all the Saints you know. Of course, if you get an epidural then the things are totally different.


Inside us, we expect newborns to look like the ones we see on nappies advertising.

I knew it would not be like that, and that he would look like a baby who stood in the water for 9 months 🏊‍♀️.

For us, mothers, our baby will always be and look perfect. There is an Italian proverb that says: “Ogni scarrafone è bello a mamma sua”, which sounds like: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” (literally: “Every cockroach is beautiful to his mom”).

Don't mount your head on what you see on google, instagram or youtube. Sometimes it is better to remain in the reality not to get disappointed.

That being said, it is beautiful to dream! Keep dreaming with your eyes wide open… but blink more often!

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