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Pregnancy: My pregnancy after infertility

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

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We had been trying to have a baby for three years. During this period I suffered a lot. I still remember those days when I was expecting to miss my period and run buying a pregnancy test. I still remember those days when I missed my period because of the stress and those other days full of tears because of frustration of not getting pregnant.

After more than one year of vain hopes we decided to have some tests. We ended up having:

  • Blood tests

  • Hysterosalpingography (a X-ray procedure which shows the inside of the uterus and whether the fallopian tubes are blocked)

  • Semen analysis

  • Genetic tests

Thanks to these tests, we discovered that we were facing an infertility issue. If for many couples infertility is also a cause for divorce for us it was completely different. This issue helped us strengthen our relationship. Also, we started being a bit more relaxed about having a baby.

We sought for help and my husband ended by having a little non-invasive surgery. We were expecting to see positive results, maybe, at some point during the following year.

Then, like a miracle, at the end of 2017 (earlier than expected!), we found out that I was finally pregnant 😍. At first I could not believe it, then at seven weeks we booked an appointment for an ultrasound and the beat was there, a baby was growing in my womb🤰!

After I heard the beat, I promised myself that I would be serene, relaxed, and I would enjoy my pregnancy. It was exactly as I expected, apart from some episodes.

Actually I found out that I was pregnant when I already was five weeks. I had had no warnings until then. Or, maybe, I had two: toothache and flu-like symptoms! My teeth were so painful, I couldn’t even open my mouth for one week for the pain, and there were days when I wished not to have teeth at all 😭. Then it was the flu-like symptoms which lasted for one week and just passed away. I didn’t google these as symptoms because it felt strange to me to have toothache and flu as a sign of pregnancy!

During the first eight weeks I wasn’t sick, I wasn’t asleep, I felt so energetic. I was wondering whether I was pregnant! Honestly, I read so much about pregnancy symptoms and I had none of those.

And then, BOOOOOM!

At eight weeks I started feeling sick, I couldn’t stay in a humid room, I couldn’t smell fragrances or detergents, I couldn’t drink coffee anymore (before getting pregnant I used to drink many coffees a day!). I found myself unable to have a shower because of the smell of the shower gel or unable to wash my hair because of the shampoo and conditioner or unable to use a face or hand cream, to makeup or to wash dishes! It was so bad, but in the end I found a solution: fragrance free products. Since then everything turned better.

I had nausea, and I was sick during the first five months. I couldn’t stay with empty stomach, so I ate biscuits, many biscuits, strawberries and grapes. And above all I loved vinegar! Vinegar was the main ingredient during the first five months of pregnancy: I eat bread with vinegar, mash potato with vinegar, salad with vinegar! It seems crazy, I know. I loved it!

Everything improved after six months of pregnancy. From month six until the end I ate everything and as much as I could and I enjoyed every single day.

Yummy yummy!😋

Around eight months, I developed the so-called “nest syndrome”. I cleaned and washed everything: furniture, curtains, clothes. I could do it on and on.

Also, around this time I couldn’t suffer hot weather. I was unable to sleep without a fan. I started feeling tired, I was moving slower and slower, and I was looking forward to giving birth as soon as possible!

When I was exactly nine months, I had a visit with my doctor. He told us that the baby was not “willing” to come out and he suggested enjoying another week in 2. It was on a Friday.

On Saturday we decided to go to the cinema to watch “Ocean’s 8”. We came back home, and I couldn’t fall asleep. Suddenly I started having contractions: at first every 20 minutes, then every 15 and then every 5. After a few hours, I was holding my baby between my arms.

So, maybe we should include “cinema” on the list of “ways to induce labour on your own” 😉.

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