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Losing weight: It's easy or hard to lose weight after pregnancy?

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

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I gained a lot of weight during pregnancy. I stopped checking when I gained 19kg, so I suppose the final figure was around 22kg 😲.

I had dreamed with opened eyes and I had thought that after giving birth, I would lose around 6 kg (which includes the weight of the baby, placenta and amniotic fluid) and after breastfeeding the remaining 16kg (theoretically, while breastfeeding mothers lose around 0.5kg per week, so around 2kg per month). I was not stressed at all!

When I came home from the hospital, I felt very optimistic 😍. I checked my weight and surprise: I had lost 5kg in one week. It was much less than I expected. No worries, I said to myself “in maximum 6 months I will be back on track”. The truth? I was not.

When my baby was five and a half months my milk just disappeared overnight. The next day the baby also refused to latch on breast. I was not stressed, he was not fussy, I tried different feeding positions but there was no way of making him latch again. Maybe it was a nursing strike (you will find more information on La leche league International), I don’t know!, but the fact is that at the end of the day my baby refused to latch and I didn’t manage to start breastfeeding again.

From that day, I quit losing even the grams I lost when breastfeeding. By the day my baby was six months, I had lost 14 kg. The remaining eight were still there and were not willing to leave my body. Well, I did not change my diet at all, of course, as it was healthy! And I never actually though that I was eating a high quantity of food. So I kept eating as much as during pregnancy: FOR TWO! 😲

"Eating for 2 is not a good idea!"

When my baby was six months and two weeks I decided to seek help from a nutritionist. From the first conversation with her I realized that I couldn't lose weight without a well-balanced diet because I was over-eating.

During the first month of diet I lost around 4kg, during the second month I lost nothing 😥, during the third month I lost another 2kg. I lost another kg during the following months. Now my baby is 16 months, and I am still trying to lose the last 1kg.

It is hard to lose the weight you gained during pregnancy, but it is not impossible. It is not recommended to try to lose weight if you are breastfeeding. My nutritionist refused to give me a diet to lose weight when I was breastfeeding. Remember that the health of your baby is more important than your desire to lose weight.

What about my tummy? Immediately after giving birth, my tummy decreased and I looked like 6 months pregnant. After three months, my belly dropped again (easy by easy, don't imagine it was all of a sudden), and I looked as I was 4 months pregnant. After six months, I was like 3 months pregnant. It started to disappear nine months after giving birth. It took nine months to my tummy to grow and nine months to decrease.

Do not expect miracles and set realistic weight-loss goals. Your tummy will not disappear in a second nor a day, and neither a week. Of course there are exceptions, but remember that those will always remain exceptions.

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