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Weaning: List of useful items to start the weaning!

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When I was about to start the weaning process I had no idea what I would need. I started googling, and I realized that there were many products on the market and honestly, how many of them were really useful?

If I started again the weaning process, the first thing I would buy is a book: My Child Won't Eat! How to enjoy mealtimes without worry by Carlos Gonzalez. It is important for a parent to understand how eating problems start and how they can be avoided. Also, it is important to understand that at this stage the parent is there to provide healthy food to the baby and shouldn’t be worried about how much the baby eats. What parents need to understand is that forcing a baby to eat can lead to tears, tantrums and sometimes to vomiting. To learn about how I managed the weaning, please read my dedicated post here.

What items did I find useful?

Soft tip infant spoon

I purchased two types of spoons: a set of spoons by Munchkin Soft tip infant spoon and the heat sensitive feeding spoons with cover by MAM. I used the Munchkin spoons at home and the MAM spoons when out as they were sensitive to heat; in this way I knew if the food was too hot for the baby.

Baby bowl

I purchased a big and small bowl (they are sold separately) by Philips Avent, which I am still using now from time to time. Pay attention: if washed in the dishwasher they might change the color.


I used disposable bibs (Chicco disposable bibs set of 40) and silicone bibs (Chicco label soft bib). When we are out I prefer using the disposable ones as they are more practical.

Baby Food Storage

I used Freezer Tray Container with Silicone Clip-On Lid by Kiddo Feedo. These containers saved my time as I cooked just once a week and freezed all the food in these trays.


I have the Thermos Stainless King Food Flask by Thermos and I find it very useful when we are out. Usually I prepare the food in the morning and by lunch time is still hot.

Water bottles

My son started using baby bottles when he was 11 months old. By that time he was drinking from a normal glass or with a spoon. My son loves 3 in particular which are Philips Avent Sip No Drip Spout Cup, NUK magic and Insulated water bottle with straw from Kolly Kolla. When we are out I prefer the latter as it keeps water at the right temperature.

A very useful product for the weaning process (and not only that) is a stand mixer or a food processor. I have one by Kenwood (Kenwood Chef KVC3100S). The attachments I used the most during weaning were the food processor and the compact chopper.

You will find different products on the market which allow you to cook and mash vegetables in the same recipient (for example Philips Avent 4-in-1 Healthy Steam Baby Meal Maker or Chicco easy meal cooker). If you already have your own food processor or stand mixer, you do not really need them. It is a matter of saving time vs. saving space in the kitchen.

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