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Imperfect moms: Our babies don't look for perfect moms!

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

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Let’s not hide behind our finger and recognise the truth: motherhood is difficult and sometimes there are no words to describe the difficulties a mother (or father) faces.

There are many mothers out there who do not have the courage to recognize the difficulties they face. Maybe because it is easier to look like a perfect mother?

Mothers always smile, even if they are under pain or tired. They make-up to cover the dark circles to not let people know that they actually forgot how it is to sleep a few hours in a raw. They don’t want to admit that they struggle.

Most times when new moms ask them for advice or help, they sell bull...shits: “our child slept all the night from the first day he was born”, “he was eating everything was in his plate since the first day of weaning”, “he never threw food from the high chair”, “he never broke anything in the house”.. things like these. The truth is that every child does so. There are times when babies don’t sleep, throw objects out of everywhere, fall, cry, make noise, refuse to eat, etc. You know what? This is just normal.

Then there are moms on social media, with their perfect look and fresh make-up even while cooking or cleaning. But you don’t have to be perfect out there in order to be a super mom, you are already perfect as you are for your child.

If mothers were a little more sincere with themselves, they could help new mothers feeling better and let them know that they are not alone. They could guide and welcome new mothers into motherhood, the real one.

Motherhood is difficult, there are ups and downs, there are days when we are happy and others when we are not. Days when we forget about ourselves, we don’t wash our hair, make up and do our nails.

But it is ok sometimes not to be ok. If we keep this in mind, we will be able to teach our children that life is not pink every single day but nevertheless, with or without struggles, it is cool. Life is cool!

Our life is not perfect, it can't be, but it is us who “drive” it and decide what we need to feel accomplished.

We are the ones who decide what happiness means to us.

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