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Childbirth ... it is not always milk and honey!

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

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Before giving birth, I read so much on the internet and watched many YouTube videos about the first minutes with a newborn. Now I can tell you that everything is so personal. You can read whatever and how much you want, but remember that your moments with the baby will be different to what you read or watch.

Oh… let’s not talk about the videos you can find on various platforms. All the moms are so happy, and the babies look beautiful! The labor doesn’t seem that painful, actually it seems that everybody is acting 😊.

Jokes apart, it is not always milk and honey! How you will live the first minutes with your baby depends on your expectations, how was your pregnancy and, not the least, your labor.

When I looked at my ultrasound pictures, I was wondering how my baby would look like, I imagined my baby so beautiful 😍, and I was looking forward to keeping him between my arms. Then, during the labor (even though I had asked for epidural, having had a fast labor there had been no time to have it), the only thing I was thinking about was to give birth as fast as possible because it was painful, extremely painful. Fortunately, now, I don’t remember the pain at all!

Image by Alex Hockett

My husband was with me, thank heavens, during labor and birth. He saw the baby coming, and guess what? The baby was not pink as we thought he would be. The umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck and the baby was grey! Finally, we learned that this is how the baby’s skin looks like when they are born in this situation. The baby turned pink after a few seconds. Reality is quite different to imagination!

I kept my baby on my chest for a few minutes after birth. It was not love at first sight. I loved my baby so much since the moment I found out I was pregnant. I loved him already before he was on my chest.

I felt that my baby was the most beautiful and the calmest baby on earth. He was crying when he pooped or when he was hungry. Otherwise, he was sleeping all the time 😍. Things changed after few days, of course 😂 😂 😂!

What I can tell you now is not to expect your baby to look like the ones you see on nappies advertising. It will be so after one month of life. So give him some time 😊 and love him as he is!

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