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Baby changing bag: How to convert your bag into a baby changing bag

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

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One of the items I knew I had to buy before giving birth was a changing bag. I wanted something versatile and not too large, easy to attach to the stroller and with some pockets that I could use for myself.

I eventually purchased the Pacapod Oban - Elephant Convertible Backpack. The price was quite high for my budget, but I found it on Amazon at half price 😊.

I used it for approximately 9 months and then passed to something else. The reason is this bag, even if very nice and elegant, is not practical for a full day out with a baby.

The bag comes with:

  • A changer pod, a feeder pod which includes a bottle cover, and a changing mat;

  • A cross-body strap which is used to convert the bag into a backpack;

  • Pram attachment straps.

The bag has also 2 parent pockets (one with zip and one open).

Changer Pod

Feeder Pod

My opinion about this bag after using it:

  • The changer pod is very useful. It is small but there is room for all the necessary; I used to fill it with nappies, wipes, clothes for the baby, baby rash cream and also fragranced nappy bags (you can find them at Boots );

  • The changing mat does its job. I still use it;

  • The food pod is pretty small. Until 12 months my baby was drinking 4 bottles of milk during an average day. So, when I was all day out or traveling I had to take with me 4 baby bottles, a thermos for hot water and one for cold water. When he was in the weaning process I had to take with me the thermos with his food and also some fruit. There was absolutely no room in the food pod for the milk and solids;

  • I didn’t use the bottle cover because having the hot water thermos I did not need to keep bottles warm, and also milk would not stay warm for much long anyway;

  • Pram attachment straps are not practical at all: their shape makes it difficult to attach the backpack on the stroller and even to detach;

  • The parent pockets are useful. The zipped pocket can be fully used only if the main zipped pocket is not overfilled;

  • The zip is not waterproof and this was an issue in the rainy days. The open pocket didn’t help either.

Ultimately, this bag did not work for me. What I really found useful is the changer pod and probably the food pod, but only if you are out for a few hours. A pocket for the baby water bottle would be useful.

After several months I decided to buy a new bag, focusing on something more practical. Eventually I bought a waterproof insulated cooler bag rucksack by Tourit. The only flaw is the fact that the zip is not waterproof and this is quite a problem in the rainy days.

I have been using this rucksack for 10 months and I am pleased with it! The rucksack comes with:

  • Main insulated large pocket;

  • Two side mesh pockets;

  • One front roomy zipper pocket;

  • One top zipper pocket.

How did I manage to convert a cooler backpack into a changing bag?

  • In the main insulated cooler pocket I put all the food my baby needs (baby bottles, thermos with hot water, thermos with solid food, fruits, biscuits, etc.);

  • Above the food I place the changing pod and mat from the previous bag;

  • Above the changing pod I place a baby cover, useful when it is cold outside;

  • In the front pocket there is room for the baby’s cutlery, bibs, napkins, sun cream, disinfectant spray, etc.;

  • The top zipper pocket I use it for myself. There is room for a wallet, phone, phone charger, wipes, etc.;

  • I use the side mesh pockets for mine and the baby’s insulated stainless water bottles. Also, there is room for a folding umbrella.

This rucksack is not supposed to be a changing bag but it can be easily converted into one.

I use this bag everywhere: when I am out with the baby, trekking, on vacation, etc. I find it very practical, although quite bulky and not elegant at all 😊, but is perfect for my current needs.

Of course, you can also adapt your own bag and transform it into a changing bag. Just buy a food pod and a changing pod and there you have it.

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