My name is Cristina and I am a new mom.

In 2018 my husband and I moved from London, where we had lived for a couple of years, to Lecco in Northern Italy, with the desire to rise our child in a peaceful environment.

I worked in the financial sector for approximately 10 years, since before moving to the UK, and since I moved to Italy I became a full-time mom.

Motherhood, like Wordsworth’s poetry, is a “spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings”. If I look back to the past 18 months, I see a mix of expectations, overwhelming emotions, excitement, frustration, weariness, that threw a new light on a “me” which was unknown even to myself.

At some point I felt the need to fix this experience on something more durable than just memory. Hence I started writing, recollecting and contemplating all the wonderful events that constellated my life in the last months.

I thought that one day all this could be useful to someone, be it a soon-to-be mom looking for inspiration or a veteran mother.

I write about my struggles and how I overcame them, about pregnancy, childbirth, first days with a baby; about baby sleeping problems, weaning, most useful baby products I used in different stages of my child's development, travel, books and many other interesting subjects.

I write all this because I want to be close to mothers like me and let them know that they are not alone. I know that raising a child is not always milk and honey.


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